Liturgical Music Ministry notes
Gerry Belanger, Choir Manager
St Rose of Lima, Newtown, CT.

This page is my own take on what the new Formation requiremenrs of the Diocese of bridgeport means to us as choir members.
For the "official" word, see the documents linked below.


Choir members are a subset of the Liturgical Musician Ministry.  Under the new norms (Their terminology, not mine) we are required to undergo Formation training and Commissioning (Appointment by) the Local Pastor.
This is explained in detail in the "Norms for Liturgical Musicians" section of  the document "Norms Governing the Liturgical Ministries, Diocese of Bridgeport"

As I understand it, Formation has two parts
  1. An online component
  2. A face to face component.

To Access the online component you need to set up an account on the diocesan formation web site.  You can do this through an e-mail sent from the diocese.  This e-mail is initiated from the parish office by Kelly Gerbo.  All choir members with working e-mail should get one.

The Face to Face sessions are being held throughout the Diocese. 

For those without assess to a computer and/or e-mail, there is a manual option.  One can fill out the Paper Application form and submit it.  The materials and instructions will be mailed out.  Registration for a Face-to-face session can be done by calling the Institute per the instructions in the packet.

How and when the Commissioning/Appointment by the Pastor will be done is currently unknown to me.

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